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Cobia Boats - The Difference in Lamination

New materials and processes resulted in hulls that are faster and more fuel efficient.

When Maverick Boat Group (MBG) acquired Cobia Boats in 2005 the first thing it did was immediately upgrade the build materials and construction processes across the board. Of utmost importance was changing all the models’ hull and deck laminates to be to a standard equal to their premium Maverick, Hewes, and Pathfinder brands. A generic, predominately chopped fiberglass and wood construction, still typical of many lower tier builders, was replaced by precisely engineered wood- free, hand-laid builds unique to each model’s performance requirements. The boats instantly became stronger, more fuel efficient, and more solid underfoot.

As MBG replaced the original Cobia models with their own high performance designs (there hasn’t been a pre-2005 Cobia model built since 2011), the lamination materials and processes were further enhanced. Investments in advanced engineering and state-of-the art cutting machines make the laminates used in today’s Cobias the most precise, most consistently strong, and most efficient in the industry. The results are hulls that are faster and more fuel efficient and that have an exceptional feel even in outsized seas. This is one of the many reasons why Cobias have become the top selling center consoles in the country from 26 to 34 feet.