Crusty Critter

Using a freshwater trolling motor in salt.

Let's say you need a new electric trolling motor for use in brackish water. You can spend a thousand bucks on a dedicated saltwater model-or $250 on a "regular" motor. Will spending the extra cash get you a better product? To find out, I tried using a Minn Kota Endura (rated for freshwater use) in the partly salty waters of Ramsey Bay for a season. Not a fair test, you say? Of course this motor will turn into a block of corrosion! Not so fast-after a dozen uses the Endura worked just fine and showed no outward signs of corrosion. How can this be? Simple. After every use I ran the motor in a keg bucket filled with freshwater, flushing it as I would any other outboard used in the brine. The verdict? If you need a small electric for use in brackish water, keep the extra cash in your pocket and simply plan to give the motor a little loving after every trip. Price: $250,