Ethanol Blend Fuel Warning From BRP Evinrude Engineer

In an article originally published at the NMMA's website, BRP Evinrude engineering manager, Emissions Testing, Certification and Regulatory Development, Jeff Wasil, calls for reform of the renewable fuel standard, the legislation governing the amount of ethanol allowed in in gasoline fuel, and the sale and distribution of those ethanol blend fuels.

the Department of Energy has acknowledged that E15 causes "severe damage" to marine engines, and yet little has been done to provide alternatives or inform boaters of the dangers of E15. Consumers put their trust in the government to provide safe, reliable fuel. In fact, only 5 percent of consumers know E15 is prohibited in most marine engines, but 60 percent of consumers assume any gas sold at standard stations is acceptable for their vehicles.

A quote from the article: Whether you're on the lake fishing, swimming, or entertaining, your boat needs the proper fuel to ensure the safety of everyone on board. When damage occurs because of E15 use, boat engine warranties become void, causing expensive repair and replacement – all at the cost of the owner. * **Read the complete story on the NMMA Website*

Jeff Wasil (Right), of BRP Evinrude, with Tom Eggert, Executive Director of the WI Sustainable Business CounciBRP Evinrude