How To Get Any Skier Up The First Time


In this water ski how to, April Coble Eller, head instructor at North Carolina's Coble Water Ski & Wakeboard Camp, gives you a foolproof plan to get any water skier up for the first time.

1. Sit in a cannonball position with your knees squeezed together close to your chest and your arms straight. Make sure your heels are as close to your bum as possible.

2. Hold onto a handle and let someone pull you up into the "froggy" sitting position.

3. Once here, say, "My favorite food is _____" while slowly standing to a half-full stance. In other words, slowly get up to a defensive basketball position.

4. Stay in this position until the boat speed settles, which is usually about five seconds, and then resituate yourself into a more comfortable position while keeping your arms straight.

5. It might sound silly, but if you fall, remember to let go of the handle.