First Aid For Vinyl Boat Seats

A well-equipped first-aid kit should include alcohol wipes.

Easily keep your vinyl seats clean.Kevin Falvey

Few experienced boat owners would disagree about the wisdom of carrying a well-equipped first aid kit aboard. After all, injuries, such as minor cuts, stubbed toes, and sunburn are fairly common occurrences out on the water (and, thankfully, mostly not too serious in nature.) It’s not a federal requirement that boaters carry a first aid kit, but it certainly makes sense for the care of your crew.

Easily protect your vinyl seats.Boating Magazine

But, just what the heck do first aid kits have to do with your vinyl boat seats?

A well-equipped first-aid kit will often includes alcohol wipes. Great for antiseptic purposes, these can also be used to clean tough stains, like pen ink from vinyl upholstery that occur far from the specialty-cleaners shelf of your marine store. It’s best to attack the stain while it is fresh.

To use the alcohol wipe, blot the stain and wipe off in short sweeps to avoid spreading the ink. Press and dab at the stain. Bear in mind that not all inks stains will be so easily removable. But armed with this tip, you are armed better than most with knowledge that will help your boat stay looking great.