FishersLog Software

FishersLog software can help you catch more fish.

The wind is out of the northeast, the moon is waxing, the tide is dropping, it just rained, and you want to catch flounder using jigs. Or perhaps the water is 69 degrees, the winds are from the northwest, and the current is due to start flooding in an hour. Where do you go, and what do you throw?

Sharpies crack their logbooks prior to trips, using history to shave the list of prospective locations. With FishersLog software, you record catch and trip information. But the program also generates reports and graphs to help you score. Examples include catches by moon phase, location, wind direction, water temperature and myriad more variables that make fishing such a challenge. I find it easy and helpful to use. The free seven-day trial lets you see for yourself before you buy. For Mac or PC. $20;

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