Fort Lauderdale Boat Show Dining

Three Great Places In Fort Lauderdale to Chow Down

Great food is just steps away at the Fort Lauderdale Boat Show

Great food abounds at the Fort Lauderdale Boat Show

You'll find outstanding fare to sustain your passion for all things boating at the Fort Lauderdale Boat Show.Courtesy of Show Management
The Oasis Cafe

The Oasis Cafe

The Oasis Cafe is known for its swinging table and great food at a good price.Courtesy of the Oasis Cafe
Always a Temptation: Ms. Cheezious Grilled Cheese

Ms. Cheezious Food Truck

You'll find great grilled cheese sandwiches at the Ms. Cheezious food truck at the Fort Lauderdale Boat Show.Courtesy of Ms. Cheezious

The Fort Lauderdale International Boat captivates just about anyone who attends. Even non-boaters marvel at the extravagance of mega yachts, multi-outboard super-size center consoles, ultra-sophisticated electronics, buxom beer girls and more. It can overwhelm your senses.

I like it all, but after a hot day walking the docks and checking out the latest gear, I get hungry and start thinking about my favorite places to eat near the show. I’m pretty basic when it comes to food, so don’t expect me to recommend one of those posh bistros that can strain your bank account. Here are three places you might find me chowing down.

Oasis Café

Family owned and operated since 1993, the Oasis Café is located at 600 Seabreeze Blvd., just across the road from the show’s Bahia Mar venue. There’s great food, but the place is really famous for its swingers. And by that I mean outdoor tables that are also swings, each with a view of the ocean, offering a relaxing respite from the crowds. Enjoy an Oasis Garden Salad ($8.95) or something hardy like a Smokehouse Chicken Sandwich ($9.95) or Cajun Seafood Combo ($18.95). If you want to imbibe, try the Original Oasis Mojito. Very refreshing.

Ms. Cheezious Food Truck

No Fort Lauderdale Boat Show visit is complete without a grilled cheese sandwich from the Ms. Cheezious food truck at the southeast corner of the Bahia Mar Marina. Be prepared to wait in line, as savvy show-goers love the food. You can add all kinds of accessories like bacon, turkey, prosciutto and spiced apples to these whopper-size grilled cheese sandwiches, but I like to stay with the basic cheddar. I usually split the sandwich with one of my friends, because it’s just too big to devour in one sitting. Chase it down with one of Dr. Brown’s sodas. Who doesn’t love grilled cheese?

Tokyo Sushi

Located at 1499 SE 17th Street, Tokyo Sushi is across the street and a couple blocks west of the Fort Lauderdale Convention Center. It is one of the favorite gathering places for exhibitors. I’m a big fan of the roll menu that includes tasty signature creations like the Crazy Roll ($13), Eel Dancing Roll ($13.50) and Spicy Lobster Roll ($27). The place is small, so you might have to wait to be seated. But it’s worth it. If you really want to splurge, order a bottle of Isshosake – $90. Otherwise, have a 22-ounce Kirin Ichiban for just 8 bucks. That’s my speed.