Four Great Wakesurfing Tips

Tips to help first-time wakesurfers get stoked.

March 17, 2016
Heyday WT-1
Heyday WT-1 Robert Glover

My demo session with the WT-1 was also my first chance to try wakesurfing. Here’s what I learned.

Don’t Use Ben Dorton’s Board
It was like trying to ride a cafeteria tray. It’s only 3 feet 6 inches long with triple fins and very sharp edges — too twitchy and unstable for a beginner. Instead go for a board that’s wide, long and forgiving, like the 4-foot-10-inch Liquid Force Happy Pill.

Heels Back
I found that I could keep the board tipped while I sat in the water before the start by putting my heels back over the edge. The boat driver should get into gear at idle speed as soon as the rider is in position, and the resulting pressure holds the board against the rider’s feet. Suck your knees up toward your chest and put your arms straight out. Hit it and you’ll pop right up, and then move your feet into a more centered position on the board.


Line Length
You can’t ride in the sweet spot of the wake where there’s enough energy to surf if the tow line is too long or too short. After my first two attempts, Ben shortened the line a segment and it clicked for me.

Slack Line
You know you’re surfing when the tow line goes slack but you are still moving. To stabilize the board, make sure you maintain pressure on both feet. Too much pressure on your back foot will make the nose of the board twitchy.


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