Fusion-Link Bluetooth Remote-Control App

Easily listen to music on your boat with Fusion's new app.

Fusion App
Easily control music on board with Fusion's app.Fusion

Using a mobile device to wirelessly access and control onboard systems is the wave of the future. One of the latest versions of this tech application is a new app for Fusion marine entertainment systems that enables Bluetooth control directly from Apple and Android mobile devices anywhere on board or even from the dock.

Designed for devices such as smartphones, tablets, iPhones and iPads, the Fusion-Link remote-control app lets you easily navigate your albums, artists and playlists through your mobile device and stream them through the marine sound system. In addition, once an app is downloaded and your mobile device is paired with the Fusion system, you can adjust the volume for either the entire sound system or selected zones. You can also view and control the menu of DVD-enabled systems — designated with an “AV” prefix — eliminating the need for two remotes.

This Fusion-Link remote-control Bluetooth app is compatible with Fusion’s new MS-UD650, MS-AV650, MS-UD750 and MS-AV750 marine entertainment systems; $479.99, $599.99, $599.99, $749.99, respectively; crutchfield.com.

These downloadable apps are available at no charge from the Apple iTunes store (for iOS devices) and also Google Play (for Android devices).