Battlewagon Bucket Reef Scope

Explore the flats and haul ice with this sturdy bucket.

“Starfish!” “Horseshoe crab!” “Flounder!” I’m not certain if my kids have more fun exploring the flats with Top Shelf Marine Products’ Battlewagon Bucket Reef Scope than they do with their masks and fins. One thing’s certain: I enjoy hearing them shout out each new find.

The Battlewagon Bucket Reef Scope is a five-gallon bucket with a clear bottom. But the devil is in the details. It proved sturdy enough to haul 10 pounds of ice, and when I filled it with water, its quarter-inch-thick acrylic lens held just fine, due to its being glued into a flange. The 5⁄8-inch line handle provides good grip. This bucket isn't cheap. It proved useful and fun. Available in white, black or navy blue. $49.99;