Boat Camping Essentials

Make sure to pack this gear when heading out.

Camping from a boat, especially a well-appointed one like the Premier with in-deck storage, lets you bring along a lot more gear than you could if you were hiking with a backpack. Even so, you want to keep it simple.


Diamondback Sleeping Bag ($34, You can get higher-end bags, but if you camp only a couple times a year, this is a better value. This is the 40-degree model (they’re available down to 20 degrees). On boats, stow it in a dry bag.

Medium Waterproof Dry Bag ($21, Any boat camper who wants to keep his clothes and sleeping bag dry had better get a few of these. They also come in small and large sizes.


The Pro Advantage Bib Suit From Frogg Toggs ($65, This is a lightweight rain suit you can bring anywhere. It has a zip-out hood, and the bib provides that extra layer to keep water from trickling down your pants where the jacket ends.

Stansport Waterproof Matches ($2, two boxes of 50, These are musts for getting the fire going in damp conditions. Even if you have a butane lighter, bring these with you as a backup in case the lighter goes kaput (you know it will).

Jell-O No Bake Cheesecake ($4, Forget about s’mores. Get this and you can have phat cheesecake without heating anything. Just bring some milk and stick it in the cooler. Good times.


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