For Comparison’s Sake: Coastal First-Aid Kits

Three marine first-aid kits to help you prepare for accidents on the water.

April 15, 2013

Accidents happen. Being prepared with first-aid basics is just common sense. Major injuries and trauma are for the professionals to handle. Bites, scrapes, cuts and bruises are relatively easy to fix. Take a look at these well-equipped marine kits and keep one on board.

Adventure Medical Kits Marine 250
The Light: The hard-shell case with a double-zipper closure can be mounted to a rail or snapped to a bulkhead. It has three resealable bags with items grouped by their general application. There are 55 items including a 288-page first-aid manual. The case comes with a convenient carry handle.

The Dark: The case can be bulky if stowage options are limited. Manual is a tad too big for the sleeve and is difficult to remove.


Ultimate Survival Technologies Marine 2.0 Kit
The Light: This has a round, lime-green soft case with a clip to secure to the vessel or a belt loop. The back side of the case is reflective Mylar for signaling in an emergency. The kit comes with two resealable packs including cutting shears and basic first-aid information. It has 84 items.

The Dark: This has lots of stuff, but it could use a slightly larger case. Do not confuse this kit with Model 80-30-1320, which is not the marine version and is different.

Orion Coastal First-Aid Kit
The Light: The double-zipper, bright red, soft nylon case holds three individual resealable packs for sprains and limb injuries, wound treatment and general first aid. The sprain and wound packs show how-to application photos. The kit has 76 items.


The Dark: It could use a more comprehensive first-aid information brochure in addition to photos.

Pooch Protection
If you take your pet along and allow it to go swimming or hit the beach to explore the dunes, you might want to consider carrying a specialized pet first-aid safety kit. These kits are designed for the unique needs of the four-legged crowd and include manuals that guide you when the occasion calls. Take a look at the pet first-aid kits at $31.95 for medium kit


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