For Comparison’s Sake: Masking Tape

Three types of Scotch tape are put to the test.

March 22, 2013

Masking tape isn’t a commodity item. For one thing, there’s a big general difference between quality tapes and bargain-bin specials. For another, there are different tape types depending upon the job at hand. We did the grunt work on three different types from Scotch.

2090 Long-Mask
The Mask: This tape provides ultraviolet stability and adhesive transfer resistance for up to seven days. The crepe-paper backing lets the tape easily conform to curves. It comes in a roll of 60 yards.

The Release: Don’t employ this one as a border if you’re using a mechanical buffer, because it doesn’t have the tack strength to hold.


$5.79 for 3/4-inch-wide roll;

233+ Performance Masking Tape **
**The Mask:
A strong tack that can live outside without issues. It holds even when you bump up against it with a power buffer. The tape also has a sharper edge for paint striping. Roll length is 60 yards.

The Release: Recommended removal time is 24 hours, so don’t dawdle on your project. It could leave print-through on the gelcoat.


$7.99 for 3/4-inch roll;

Marine Outdoor Green No. 256
The Mask: A treated tape with a clean, sharp edge and strong adhesion. Good for boot stripes, brightwork finishing and coating, and bottom painting. Removal time is five days and roll length is 60 yards.

The Release: Strong adhesion means don’t leave it on for longer than five days or it could mar your boat’s finish.


$29.99 for 3/4-inch-wide roll;

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