The Garmin EchoMap Ultra 2 Series: Advanced & Affordable

The EchoMap Ultra 2 is an advanced yet affordable chart-plotter display suited for freshwater and nearshore boating anglers.
Garmin EchoMap Ultra 2 chart-plotter display
The new units feature an easy-to-use operating system that boasts updated graphics, menus, and a new homepage. Courtesy Garmin

Marine-electronics brands continue to load chart-plotter displays with greater networking capabilities, more-detailed charting, enhanced screen clarity, new wireless functions, and increasingly versatile sonar systems. No better example of such advanced yet affordable machines exists than that of the new Garmin EchoMap Ultra 2 series.

The EchoMap Ultra 2 series is designed to offer greater advantages to freshwater and nearshore boating anglers. Features include wireless networking, multiband GPS and a new user interface. The new models are available in 10-inch (106 sv) or 12-inch (126 sv) sunlight-readable touchscreens with keyed assist.

“For years, professional ­anglers and weekend warriors alike have relied on the Garmin EchoMap ­Ultra series,” says Dan Bartel, vice ­president of global consumer sales for Garmin. “With the addition of wireless networking, multiband GPS and a new user ­interface, the new EchoMap ­Ultra 2 series is even more versatile and easier to use than before.” 

The new units feature an easy-to-use operating system that boasts updated graphics, menus, and a new homepage. To instantly create personalized fishing maps, the series also includes built-in Quickdraw Contours mapping software to deliver ­high-definition maps with 1-foot contours on any body of water.

Anglers will love the new ­Ultra High-Definition scanning sonar and preloaded Garmin ­Navionics+ mapping with a one-year subscription for daily updates. In addition, wireless networking lets you share ­sonar, waypoints and routes with ­other onboard Garmin EchoMap Ultra 2 or UHD2 units, eliminating the need for cable connections.

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When wirelessly integrated with a Garmin Force trolling motor, anglers can create routes, ­patterns and tracks for the trolling motor to follow while they fish. What’s more, using the EchoMap Ultra 2 screen, they can control speed and check battery life.

There’s also a screen-recording feature accessible via the ActiveCaptain app that can capture what’s on the chart-plotter screen to share via text or social media. The Ultra 2 machines are available with a GT56UHD all-in-one transducer that provides Garmin chirp traditional sonar and UHD ClearVu and SideVu scanning images of what’s below and to the sides of the boat.

The Garmin EchoMap Ultra 2 series also supports the full lineup of Garmin’s LiveScope live-scanning sonar systems. The new models range from $1,899.99 to $3,099.99;


Does Garmin EchoMap show speed?

Yes, Garmin EchoMap series chartplotters and fish finders can display speed information. They have the ability to connect to various sensors and transducers that can provide speed data.

Does the Garmin EchoMap have built in GPS?

Yes, Garmin EchoMap devices have built-in GPS receivers. This allows them to display your position on charts and provide navigation capabilities without needing to connect an external GPS antenna.

Does Garmin EchoMap need an antenna?

No, the Garmin echoMAP devices do not require an external antenna for GPS capabilities. They have a built-in GPS receiver that can acquire satellite signals without any additional antennas needed. Still, it’s possible to add an external GPS antenna if preferred.