Starr Livewell Light, Cobra MF 2500, Eyemax Weatherband...

Starr Livewell/Bulkhead Light $17, 515/388-1011,

Check out this LED waterproof light that is designed to be submersed in baitwells and livewells. The sealed lamps are shockproof and vibration-proof and can also withstand the marine environment. Using less than one-tenth of the power of incandescent bulbs, the LED light has a low-amp draw and is rated at 100,000 hours. Choose from seven LED colors, including red for nighttime viewing.

Cobra MF 2500 $300, 773/889-8870,

Plug this 7.62"-by-6.87"-by-2.19" waterproof black box fishfinder into a Cobra Marine Series chartplotter to get fishfinder capability. When it's connected to the appropriate transducer, the black box will provide depth, speed, and temperature readings. The unit can operate on dual 50/200 kHz frequencies and view from depths of 25' to 4,000'. Depending on the chartplotter it's connected to, the MF 2500 can offer advanced software features such as auto gain, preset modes, adjustable split screen, and zoom.

EyeMax Weatherband $70,

The EyeMax Weatherband features AM/FM radio, seven NOAA weather channels, and a built-in LED flashlight. You can recharge its batteries by winding up the lever or by leaving it in the sun. Solar power will charge the batteries and play the radio at the same time. A fully charged battery delivers 25 hours of play time. The EyeMax Weatherband is splash-proof.