Need new gear? Check these items out.

Wiley X Airborne Sunglasses $136; 800.776.7842;

These new shades are part of Wiley's Climate Control Series, which feature a removable vented foam gasket that seals the eyes from wind, dust, and glare. Anglers take note: The Airborne's polarized smoke green shatterproof lenses practically eliminate glare-essential when sight fishing. Available with a metallic black frame, which will look great when you're getting your winning photos snapped at the weigh-in.

Sierra GHR $329; 217.324.9400;

Corroded gimbal bearings are a common problem-and cost lots in time and labor to replace. Pinching pennies? Instead of buying new parts, consider Sierra's Gimbal Housing Repair (GHR) kit. It fixes a corroded bearing by encapsulating it in a sheath of epoxy, which makes a waterproof, unbreakable shell that's claimed to restore the bearing's original structural integrity. Because the engine doesn't need to be removed to use the GHR kit, there's fewer labor costs. Designed for professionals to install, the kit comes complete with a new bellows gasket and other parts to get your boat back in service.

U-Line Echelon Refrigerator $2,499;

Need a cool drink while underway? Want to keep the shrimp chilled before throwing them on the grill? Check out U-Line's 2275DWRR refrigerator. There's 5.5 cu. ft of stowage in two drawers that divide into a three-piece organizing system. There's a crisper with clear glass shelves, and the Slide & Divide System accommodates packaging of various sizes. Plus its handsome stainless-steel finish screams first class.