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TrueDeck Woodbeam Panels $6; 248.649.4922;

An alternative to heavy composite lumber decking, these resin panels are 70 percent lighter and can be installed in less than a quarter of the time of traditional lumber docks. Spring installation and fall removal are simplified, too, saving time and labor. The 2"-by-4" panels, available in Dockside Cedar and Quiet Gray, have a slip-resistant wood-grain surface and weigh 12 pounds. Resistant to mold and mildew, these UV-stabilized panels can be easily installed with screws in either metal or wood dock frames.

Flush Fit Deck Hatches $2,100; 866.383.1888;

These ergonomic aluminum frame hatches boast robust lids made of 5/8"-thick acrylic and stainless-steel hinges. Offered in smoke gray acrylic with a clear anodized aluminum lower frame or dark gray acrylic with a black anodized lower frame, the hatches have optional trim rings and fully integrated shade/mosquito screens. Available in five standard sizes with cutouts as well as custom sizes.

Raritan Marine Elegance $899; 856.825.4900;

Now, you won't wake your partner if you have to use the facilities in the middle of the night. This head is the latest in marine waste technology. It creates a vacuum in the bowl for quiet and efficient flushing. Its small footprint lets it be installed in tight spots, and it can be used with a low-flush option for environmental friendliness. It's equipped with a built-in shredder that transforms waste into small particles to reduce clogs.