Some of the newest and coolest pieces of gear.

Autotether $295; 888/593-4181, 4 Unlike traditional lanyard kill switches, this completely wireless device clips right into the ignition switch, allowing operator and passengers to move about freely. Should anyone fall overboard, the submerged sensor sends radio waves to a receiver connected to the boat's ignition, setting off an alarm. For added safety, a red alert button can also be pushed to kill the engine. The completely portable device can also be used to monitor watersport activities. Included in the kit is an ignition switch clip, one transmitter, two personal sensors, and two AAA batteries.

EZ Dock $1,696; 800/654-8168, 5 This 12'5"-by-5'-by-11" lift, designed to accommodate the increasing size and weight of today's popular waterbikes, offers a high, wide hull cradle and an integrated roller system that eases launching and porting abilities. EZ Port MAX boasts side-mounted football-shaped rollers, a low entry roller for an easier approach and softer landing, and an in-line tandem porting position option. It can be used with traditional fixed or floating docks or as a freestanding unit.

Mercury Anode Line $38 to $62; 877/612-5213, 6 Designed for Mercury owners, these three kits of long-lasting corrosion-resistant anodes were created for Verado, Alpha One Gen I, and Bravo engines. All anodes are stainless steel, environmentally friendly, last 30 to 50 percent longer than zinc, and are embedded with a red-spot wear indicator to notify when a change is required. All three kits work in fresh, brackish, and saltwater.