Heat Hog Portable Propane Heater

Stay warm when boating this winter.
Heat Hog heater
The Heat Hog will keep you warm when boating this winter. Courtesy Heat Hog

Early-season boating offers a welcome break from winter. But it can still get cold, as it did recently while cruising slowly around the lake in a pontoon shortly after ice-off. To beat the chill, we put up the full enclosure and brought aboard the Heat Hog portable heater that we use for ice fishing. It runs off 1-pound propane cylinders, using no electricity that can drain onboard boat batteries. The Heat Hog pumps out as much as 9,000 Btu and can angle upward to direct heat where you need it most. It’s indoor-safe and has a wide and stable base. It also has a tip-over shut-off switch, a rugged ­safety guard, and a low-oxygen shut-off switch. We placed it in the middle of the open pontoon deck, where it warmed the enclosure on the highest setting so well, we were peeling off layers. An important ­caveat: Don’t place the Heat Hog within 3 feet of upholstery, plastic fittings or canvas because it can damage or melt fabrics and vinyl. However, it does not damage deck coverings because the heat radiates upward. $111.84; homedepot.com