ECOXGEAR Journey Speaker

A portable Bluetooth speaker built for boating.
Ecoxgear Journey speaker for boaters
Bring your tunes out on the water. Courtesy ECOXGEAR

This portable Bluetooth speaker not only brings 65 watts of big, high-fidelity sound to the water, it also boasts a 20-amp lithium battery to power it for 50 hours and can charge smart devices. The 7-pound unit is IP67-watertight and floats. Unlatch the speaker face to stow phones, wallets and other small gear. A shoulder strap for transport to the boat, dock, kayak or beach is included. We fired it up, and the speaker connected immediately. It serves as a remote access to your phone to answer and call using voice command, transferring your wishes from the device to the phone. ECOXGEAR’s exclusive Ecocast system lets the speaker transmit to or receive from other ECOXGEAR speakers, sound bars and subwoofers so everybody in camp can play the same music. We were surprised by the low price. $179.99;