Mercury Enertia Propellers

New prop makes outboards more efficient.

Owners of outboard-powered center consoles, runabouts and bass boats have a new prop designed for them. Mercury Marine developed the Enertia ECO, a propeller intended to increase fuel economy and create a new propeller market segment.

The Enertia ECO was designed for high-horsepower outboard-powered boats. Mercury claims a 10 percent increase in fuel economy at cruising speeds. To maximize the fuel economy of the Enertia ECO, Mercury engineers designed the propeller with a 16-inch diameter, large blade area and high progressive rake, a combination made possible with Mercury’s proprietary X7 stainless-steel alloy. The patent-pending design and material combination resulted in a propeller that increases hull lift, which can make a boat more efficient by reducing overall drag. It also has lower planing speeds and higher top-end speed and hole-shot performance.

“As gasoline prices have risen, customers have added fuel economy to their definition of performance,” said Jared Reichenberger, brand manager for Mercury Propellers. “Mercury Marine already produces fuel-efficient engines. It’s time to release a high-performing propeller that also delivers fuel economy savings and reduces the cost of boating.”

At cruising speeds, the Enertia ECO posts a 10 percent fuel-economy gain versus other Mercury propellers. Looking at fuel costs per 100 hours spent on the water, at today’s gas prices the Enertia ECO will save a boater more than $550 per year. Not only does the Enertia ECO save fuel, it lets boaters run farther on a tank of fuel. The 16-inch diameter Enertia ECO is available in right- and left-hand rotation in three pitches: 19, 21 and 23 inches.