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Keep your pumps quiet and your body temperature just right in this month's New Gear. How have you lived without this stuff?

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They say the third time’s the charm. What about the fourth time? Raymarine introduces Pathfinder PC with RayTech Navigator Version 4. This updated software transforms your PC into a navigational command center. Merge live radar targets over charts and pictures. Monitor weather forecasts by downloading them to your PC for free from the Raymarine Web site. View tidal and current predictions for U.S. coastal waters. Best of all, combine all these navigational functions on one screen. Price: $499. Contact Raymarine at 603/881-5200,

Worthy Subject: How do you silence a noisy pump? Drop it into a tank of water. Crazy, you say? Not with Headhunter’s SubpaQ Water Pressure System. Submerge the 2’11 3/4″-by-7 1/8″-by-5 1/2″ pump in your freshwater tank for superquiet operation. The variable speed, constant-pressure system consumes the same amount of power as conventional pumps. Its infrared remote lets you control the pump’s settings or access data from the 9″-by-6 ¼ “-by-3 ¾ ” control panel. The unit also features built-in dry-run protection and over- and under-voltage protection. Price: $2,700. Contact Headhunter at 800/662-8557,

Temp Tamer 5 a.m.: You and your fishing partner shiver in the crisp morning air. 12 p.m.: The sun has surfaced; sweat stings your eyes. Warm up or cool off with the Sharper Image Personal Warm+Cool System. Fit the lightweight band around your neck, set the dial to your desired temperature, and the system becomes your personal heater or air conditioner. Its 3″-by-4″ battery pack hooks on your belt for easy movement, and the system includes an AC/DC adapter. Price: $70. Contact Sharper Image at 800/344-4444,


Evasive Measures: Crunch! Where did that sand-bar come from? Avoid nasty collisions with the Si-Tex Ultracolor Plus charting system. Its programmable antigrounding feature with Guardian Technology sounds an alarm if your course takes you near obstacles, shoals, or shallow water. The 12-channel GPS/WAAS receiver puts you within three meters of your waypoint and eliminates the need for a beacon receiver or antenna. You can also view full- or split-screen charts on a 10.4″ high-resolution (640-by-840 pixels) display, store 500 trackpoints and 1,000 waypoints, or add C-Map NT+ cards for in-depth charting. Price: $3,000. Contact Si-Tex at 727/576-5734,

Mini Me: If you think that great things must come in big packages, the Blue Sea Systems Mini Battery Switches may change your mind. They measure 2.7″-by-2.7″ so you can install them in a tight console, compartment, or bilge area on a small boat. The tough casing comes in two designs for flush or panel mounting, and luminous labels shine in low-light areas. You can opt for the standard model with a fixed knob or, for added safety, choose the switch with the pullout key. Both are vapor-proof and ignition protected. Price: $22. Contact Blue Sea Systems at 360/738-8230,

****Sound the Ala****rm****:**** With all the commotion onboard, you may not notice if your child falls overboard. Panicked? Then let the Safety Turtle Alarm System put you at ease. When submerged, a sensor in the child’s wristband triggers an alarm that will ring until reset. Housed in an AC-powered base station, the alarm receives signals within a range of 100 feet and requires no installation. Add the travel bag and battery pack so you can bring it onboard. Worried about the pets? Collars with sensors are available for Fido, too. Price: $170 for base station, AC adapter, and wristband; $99 for mobile travel bag. Contact eSafety Alert at 800/892-9551,


Clear View: Binoculars enhance breathtaking landscapes, helpful navigational marks, and that blonde in the red thong. Whether babe watching or port finding, Steiner’s waterproof, four-ounce Commander V binoculars let you see up to 385 feet with a wide 3D view, even in low-light conditions. They also house an illuminated compass in the binos’ rubber casing, feature contoured eyecups and a rain guard eyepiece to block water and light, and offer an autofocus lens that requires no readjusting. Onboard, exchange the traditional carrying strap for the flotation strap. Price: $899. Contact Steiner at 800/257-7742,

Abracadabra: Want to entertain your guests? Astound them with the disappearing pump trick. The Taylor Made Survivor series of fenders boasts a concealed pump inside. It pops out so you can adjust air pressure without the hassle of a needle or hand pump. The pump adds about one pound of pressure per minute, so you can fully inflate a fender in less than five. Choose from two styles-the SuperGard with reinforced eyelets at either end or the Big B, which mounts vertically or horizontally-and six colors. Price: from $45. Contact Taylor Made at 518/773-9400,