New Gear

Shower Power

Intermittent flow and weak pressure make showering aboard a mere rinse. Bathe better with Raritan's Galley Flow System. It gives a steady flow of fresh water at 3.8 gpm for showers and sinks. Because it uses a diaphragm instead of an impeller, it can run dry without damaging the system. The stainless-steel mesh in-line strainer filters debris from the pump. It draws between 4.3 and 9 amps and maintains pressures between 20 and 40 psi. It's ignition protected and has built-in check valves. Price: $399. Contact Raritan at 856/825-4900,

Skinny With It

Thin is in, and there's a painless way to embrace the skinny trend without sacrificing a Saturday to the gym gods. Check out Samsung's SyncMaster 213T, a super-slender, flat-panel monitor with a sizable LCD. It's only 0.73" thick, and its 21.3" screen boasts a 1,600-by-1,200-pixel resolution. Designed to stack on top of or line side-by-side with other SyncMaster 213Ts, it adjusts to different heights, features a swivel base that rotates the screen 90 degrees, and has digital and analog inputs. Note: It's not water or shock resistant, so it's best for boats 30' and up. Price: $1,299. Contact Samsung at 800/726-7864,

Double Vision

Fishermen, take note: Navman's Fish 4500 fishfinder stuffs powerful sonar in a compact package. It features a 5", high-definition (320-by-234 pixels) display and includes two transducers: a 600-watt model that reaches to depths of 3,300 feet and a dual-frequency version for viewing wide and narrow angles. Its alarms indicate water depth, fish detection, temperature value and rate of change, and low battery. The company says its SBN software enhances sonar signals while reducing interference. Price: transom-mount transducer, $700; through-hull transducer, $880. Contact Navman at 866/628-6261,

Power Hog

For every year you own your boat, it seems another "necessary" gizmo hits the marine store shelves, meaning a higher-capacity battery is in your future. Check out Optima's Group 31DC. This deep-cycle battery has twice the cycle life of a standard battery and a higher reserve capacity-at a 25-amp draw, it will last 155 minutes. With 1,125 cranking amps, it has enough power to work as a starting battery for outboards and most inboards. It measures 12 13⁄16"-by-6 1⁄2"-by-9 3⁄8" and features an absorbent fiberglass mat that prevents leaks, spills, and most vibration, making it mountable in any location. Price: $189. Contact Optima Batteries at 888/867-8462,

Fierce Filter

There's nothing tastier than river sludge in your coffee. Disagree? Then check out Sweet Water Filters' Guardian Purifier System. It comes with a microfilter that removes silt, bacteria, protozoans, and bad tastes. It also has ViralStop, a chlorine-based solution, that deactivates viruses in each liter of filtered H2O. After five minutes, drain the water into the included two-liter bottle. The filter lasts through 200 gallons of water; the ViralStop, 80 gallons. The system weighs just 14 ounces. Price: $73. Contact Sweet Water Filters at 800/531-9531,

Name That Tune

Here2Anywhere from Kenwood delivers 100 channels of Sirius satellite programming, remembers 24 song titles to recall for later play, and connects to car, home, and marine audio systems. Just like perusing a TV programming guide, users can search for tunes playing on other channels by song title or artist before selecting that channel. Sirius satellite radio offers 60 commercial-free music channels and 40 news, sports, and information channels. The package includes a wireless remote, but docking kits for your car, boat, or home use are sold separately. Price: tuner, $100; docking kits, $70; monthly Sirius subscription, $13. Contact Kenwood at 800/536-9663,