New Gear

New Gear Wheel Deal: Once we hit the marina, a cold beer and a lounge chair is our preferred way to chill. But Hummer's LX bike could motivate us to get off our rumps. This 24-speed two-wheeler features components from Shimano (something anglers will appreciate) that can conquer tough terrain, as well as rims with an "Aqua-No" channel that improves braking in wet or muddy conditions. Folded, this bendable bike measures 3'-by-2'4"-by-1'. It's available in two frame sizes to suit big and small riders. Price: $795.

Contact Hummer at 800/653-1375,

Digital Daze: Kids these days-they can't sit still unless parked in front of a TV. So how do you control a bunch of tykes onboard? Stun and stupefy them with continuous reruns of Scooby-Doo, of course. G2G's Mobile DVD Player has built-in speakers and plug-and-play operation, weighs seven pounds, and comes with a carrying case. Strap it to your car on the trip to the marina, then reassemble it in your boat when you get there. It measures 10"-by-9"-by-5" and comes with either a 5.6" or 7" screen. Price: 7" screen, $400.

Contact G2G at 866/607-8867,

Kap'n Protector: Shorepower cable connectors getting cruddy from overexposure to the elements? Preserve them with Kord Kap, a protector plug that prevents corrosion. Sealed to the ends of shorepower cord connectors, it locks out damaging water and weather. For double-duty protection, it's coated with an antioxidant agent that also limits corrosion. The Kord Kap fits dockside and boatside connector plugs and is available for 30-, 50-, or 100-amp shorepower cord connectors. Price: $13.

Contact Drilltec at 713/895-9852,

The Shield: The Armor 2600 is like a life jacket for your PDA. This pocket-size protective case for processors resists water, floats, and is crushproof should your hefty fishing buddy forget to look before he sits. It's made of black, yellow, green, or blue fiberglass-injected ABS. Its clear plastic screen and polycarbonate backing plate allow the PDA to respond to a normal stylus touch or infrared beam. The case should fit most PDAs, but remember the adage: Measure twice, cut once. Price: $49.

Contact Armor at 888/695-8820,

Deckhand: Forget pricey scuba gear and boatlifts. The DeckSnorkel takes the hassle out of underwater boat maintenance. All the equipment for this 20-pound diving system stays ondeck, letting you respond quickly to below-the-waterline dilemmas. Powered by your boat's battery, the DeckSnorkel supports one diver to depths of 23 feet. Its 12-volt air compressor draws fresh air from the surface and pumps it through an attached hose to a reservoir that compresses the air. From the reservoir, the air is sent through a hose to the diver. Price: $969.

Contact Surface Dive at 800/513-3950,

Switch Hitter: More than one windshield wiper often leads to more than one switch. Which one do you hit when you're getting attacked by spray? Replace those switches with Imtra's IMW electronic wiper control. The panel operates up to four wiper motors. With its compact 3"-by-3" design, the panel can be retrofitted or newly installed and operates small-boat wipers from Roca, AFI, Speich, AM Equipment, Vetus, and more. The unit also features a wash function that sends a spray of cleaning fluid to the windshield, then times the wipers to swab away grime. Price: $325.

Contact Imtra at 508/995-7000,