New Reads for Watermen

Check out these new books from Kevin Falvey & Randy Vance.

Falvey’s Guide to Fishing Long Island By Kevin Falvey

We’d give props to Kevin Falvey’s book even if we didn’t work with him. We give him props because we’ve fished with him in the exact waters this book covers, and he knows his stuff. Falvey takes you through the fabled waters of Long Island on a chapter-by-chapter basis, explaining why specific species of gamefish bite, how to target them, and how their bite is affected by seasons, tides, and currents, as well as by things only a veteran can know. At the end of each chapter he provides a checklist for targeting all the different fish, and provides charts that show you where to catch them.



Power Boating for Dummies By Randy Vance

Working with the world’s bestselling For Dummies book series, Randy Vance provides boaters guidance on everything from buying, operating and enjoying a powerboat to docking and mooring, conducting routine maintenance, choosing the best vacation options and even tips on acing a boat safety exam.

As found in all For Dummies books, Power Boating for Dummies includes a “Cheat Sheet” and the “Part of Tens”. The “Cheat Sheet” is a tear-out card located in the front of the book, featuring a checklist for determining if a boat is seaworthy and staging a boat for launch, as well as a refresher on the boating right-of-way rules. The “Part of Tens” found at the back of the book provides tactics for handling a boat, important items to keep on board and mechanical checks for buying a pre-owned boat.


Power Boating for Dummies is available on and at all major bookstores.


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