Panasonic Intros New Toughbook Tablets, Docking Stations

Rugged, Mil-Spec, machines for mobile boaters.

Panasonic will showcase its hottest tablets, including the Android-powered Toughpad™ A1 and B1 at his week’s 2013 International Consumers Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

The tablet displays will also feature Havis Inc.’s Toughbook Certified Docking Station for the Toughpad A1, which was released in November 2012. Additionally, Havis is providing Panasonic with a docking station prototype for the Toughpad B1.

As a Toughbook Certified Partner of Panasonic, Havis knows what it takes to meet the industry’s toughest safety and quality standards. Havis offers a variety of docking stations that have achieved Toughbook Certification by passing Panasonic’s rigorous testing process and demanding performance standards.

These docking stations were tested to withstand MIL-STD 810G vibration testing, in-vehicle crash simulations, environment testing and extreme durability testing. For the mobile worker, this testing ensures that their laptop or tablet will remain securely docked and protected through rugged driving conditions and extreme work environments.

Havis’ close relationship with Panasonic allows the company to design the industry’s toughest docking stations for the latest Panasonic tablets and laptops. Havis and Panasonic will continue to collaborate to provide mobile workers with reliable, custom computing solutions that maximize productivity in the field.

For more information on the features, specifications and certifications of the Docking Station for the Panasonic Toughpad A1, click here. To view all available Havis tablet docking stations, click here.