ProTournament Elite Gen 3 Chargers

ProTournament Elite Gen 3 battery chargers are packed with tech features to deliver the fastest-possible recharge times.
ProTournament Elite Gen 3 battery charger
ProTournament Elite Gen 3 battery chargers are packed with safety and tech features. Courtesy ProMariner

The new ProTournament Elite Gen 3 battery chargers from ProMariner use advanced thermal modeling with a tri-surface aluminum heat sink to deliver true-rated charging amperage for the fastest-possible recharge times.

This series also features an exclusive LED Charge Status AC Glow Plug. When ­connected to an extension cord, it illuminates three individual colors for charging (red), conditioning (orange) and auto maintaining (green). This eliminates the need to remove the boat cover, and climb into the boat or open a hatch to check the status. The same charge-­status ­colors are built into the waterproof, ignition-protected charger case. Five-stage phase charging includes charge, condition, auto-maintain and storage modes. Boaters can select charging profiles to match flooded-cell lead acid, AGM, and approved lithium-iron-­phosphate (LiFePO4) batteries. Safety features include dual inline waterproof fuses, as well as protection from reverse polarity, ­­overvoltage, overtemperature and overcurrent.

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The multibank chargers in this series also feature distribute-on-­demand technology that automatically senses and delivers through the leads greater charging amps to the battery or batteries that are lowest in juice versus others than might not need as much of a charge.

The ProTournament Elite Gen 3 series includes six models ranging from two-bank to five-bank versions, with amp outputs spanning 24 to 50. Prices range from $339.99 to $699.99;