Raymarine YachtSense Link

Network a digital-switching system with MFDs.
YachtSense Link joins digital switching and MFDs
Control onboard systems from anywhere in the world. Courtesy Raymarine

Remote app-based boat-monitoring and control technology is a rapidly expanding segment of the marine electronics market. One of the latest to join is Raymarine with its YachtSense Link system that networks with the company’s digital-switching system and Axiom multifunction displays.
Raymarine calls this integrated network the YachtSense Ecosystem, but it’s the YachtSense Link combined with the new Raymarine mobile app that lets boaters monitor and control onboard systems 24/7 from anywhere in the world.

YachtSense Link keeps boaters connected via a 4G LTE cellular plan of their choosing or via Wi-Fi (such as the signal you might pick up in a ­marina). It switches automatically between the two depending on which is strongest. You can use the app to switch on and off—and monitor—up to four low-voltage devices, such as pumps and lights. It also connects to Raymarine’s Axiom multifunction displays for onboard monitoring and control.
The waterproof YachtSense Link measures 9.53 inches wide by 6.39 inches tall by 2.48 inches deep (excluding antennas). It can also serve as an ­onboard 4G hotspot.

Raymarine’s Ecosystem expands control and ­monitoring by integrating YachtSense Link with the YachtSense digital-­switching system. This allows for control of more devices and enables the switching of higher-­voltage accessories, such as generators and air conditioning. The Ecosystem is available only as an option on new boats.


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The mobile app also offers a Raymarine premium subscription ($19.99 per month) that allows boaters to set up a geofence around their boat, monitor the boat’s location remotely, and receive alerts if the boat moves outside a defined geofence circle.

Raymarine’s mobile app is available as a free download for Android and Apple devices. The YachtSense Link ­marine mobile router sells for $1,299.99 and includes a complimentary six-month trial of the premium subscription. To learn more, visit