Simrad NSX Ultrawide MFDs

New display technology is expanding the perspective, thanks to increased aspect ratios, in the Simrad NSX Ultrawide series.
Simrad NSX Ultrawide MFD
Visually, the displays are startlingly different in their panoramic format, akin to seeing a film in Imax versus a standard movie screen. Courtesy Simrad

Marine multifunction displays (MFDs) have certainly grown in size in recent years, but the aspect ratio—the proportional relationship between the screen width and height—has remained about the same. Simrad is changing that paradigm with the remarkable NSX Ultrawide series. 

Available in 12- and 15-inch diagonal screens, these Ultrawide MFDs deliver the benefits of dual screens in just one touchscreen display. To give you an idea of the difference, the touchscreen on the standard 12-inch Simrad NSX measures 1,280 pixels wide by 800 pixels tall—a 1.6-to-1 ­ratio. Both NSX Ultrawides ­measure 1,920 pixels wide by 720 pixels tall—a 2.7-to-1 ratio. ­Visually, the displays are startlingly different in their panoramic format, akin to seeing a film in Imax versus a standard movie screen.

“The new NSX Ultrawide provides a more streamlined and immersive experience, ­resulting in an elevated dash aesthetic that unlocks new possibilities,” according to Simrad, describing the new series as “a versatile premium solution for a variety of vessel types, including surf/wake, pontoons, cruisers, and small to midsize center-consoles.”

NSX Ultrawide incorporates a host of familiar features of the NSX, and it easily integrates with other Simrad electronics, including radar and sonar technologies across a wide range of transducers. The wider displays allow boaters to create unique ­split-screen views on the MFDs.

The bundled C-Map Discover X charts for North America and Canada are optimized for the new Ultrawide display’s high-­pixel density. Extra detail can be added with an upgrade to the optional Reveal X shaded-relief and satellite-imagery charting. The X-Gen charts also unlock a host of groundbreaking new features, such as the new C-map Safety Alerts—built to automatically alert users to hazards ahead, ­varying from shallow waters to buoys.

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Additionally, in an industry first, the X-Chart Manager lets boaters manage C-Map chart updates and upgrades directly from the device, with the ability to choose custom areas for a near-instant ­download. The Ultrawide series is also compatible with select third-party chart options, including CMor Mapping, Florida Marine Tracks, StrikeLines, Standard Mapping, and others.

The NSX Ultrawide 12-inch model retails for $2,749; the 15-inch Ultrawide sells for $3,399. To learn more, visit