SOG Power Assist

The SOG's geared hinge increases gripping pressure with less effort.

Special Operations Group. SOG. Now, after breaking one in for a few weeks, I know why this one is special: The spring-assisted serrated and smooth blades flick open one-handedly by brushing the thumb knob. A serrated blade is my favorite for cutting rope, ahem, lines, and the smooth edge is better for slicing, trimming or even stripping wires. A slide lock secures them in place opened or closed. The mandatory cross-slot and flat-blade screwdrivers can be deployed without first opening the pliers. Nice. Same goes for the webbing cutter and file. Open the pliers and I could grip a nut to loosen a bolt or pinch a sinker on a line with minimum effort. That's thanks to the geared hinge that increases gripping pressure with less effort. Available in stainless steel or black oxide. $115;