Tales From Channel 16: A Micro-Podcast Series

Presented by Icom

Interesting conversations about life on the water and a first look at Icom’s M510BB.

“Tales from Channel 16” is a new podcast series hosted by Boating editor-at-large Randy Vance where he interviews interesting personalities from across the marine industry. Episodes feature appearances from Boating’s exclusive aerial pilot Paul Barth, marine photographer Tom King, Sea Tow Captain John Ward, US Coast Guard Boating Recreational Specialist Jeff Decker, and The Qualified Captain founder Aaron Stasiak. Each episode shares exclusive stories with one common theme – passion for a life lived on the water.

Aaron Stasiak
The Qualified Captain

Aaron Stasiak, founder of The Qualified Captain, shares how a text thread with friends turned into the most viral social media brand in the marine universe. The former Sea Tow captain also shares some of the biggest mishaps he’s witnessed on the water.

Jeff Decker
United States Coast Guard

Introducing Jeff Decker, Boating Recreational Specialist for the United States Coast Guard. In this episode, Jeff shares chilling stories from his professional journey and safety tips that are well worth the watch.

Tom King
Marine Photographer

In this episode of “Tales from Channel 16,” Randy Vance interviews marine photographer Tom King who gives viewers a behind-the-scenes look at the dynamic photo shoots for Boating Magazine’s covers and how Icom radios help him stay safe while securing the perfect shot.

John Ward
Sea Tow Captain

Meet Captain John Ward of Sea Tow, whose franchises span the coast from the Florida Panhandle to Orange Beach, Alabama. Ward shares riveting stories from his life on the job and reminds us to prioritize safety on the water.

Paul Barth
Helicopter Pilot

For the premiere episode, Vance interviews Boating Magazine’s exclusive aerial pilot Paul Barth. Watch as Barth provides an inside look at handling a photo chopper, training for crash landings, and how Icom radios keep him in close contact with the teams on shore and in the water during these intense shoots.