Tow-Sports Electronics

Create a custom ride with a tow-sports electronics system.

Ski boats and wake boats come equipped with some of the most sophisticated marine electronics. These proprietary systems aid tow-sports skippers with a range of functions from wake shaping to speed control to navigation. To give you a glimpse of these capabilities, we spoke to Dan Gutierrez, director of design and marketing for Tigé Boats, who leads the team that developed the Tigé Touch system.

Gutierrez describes Tigé Touch as an onboard control center. It’s operated via a color LCD touch screen mounted just in front of the throttle lever, which allows operation without having to take your hands off the wheel. Additionally, Tigé Touch takes a cue from avionics and includes redundant switching. A battery of manual switches can operate critical equipment such as navigation lights or a bilge pump, should a problem with the electronic switching occur. Tigé Touch is the only system to offer this feature, Gutierrez says.

Tigé Touch also allows you to control amenities such as cockpit heat and underwater lighting and even allows you to display uploaded video for entertaining the crew. You can play DVDs, and Tigé Touch also offers complete control of the onboard audio system.


Then there are the more traditional boating electronics functions that Tigé Touch displays. These include depth-finding, GPS chart-plotting and the ability to view a virtual complement of engine gauges.

What we like best is its user-friendliness. “We wanted it simple,” Gutierrez exclaims. “We wanted it amazing. We wanted it [to be] like an iPhone.”

Mission accomplished.


Tigé Touch is standard equipment aboard all but three of Tigé’s line of boats. For more product information, visit or call 325-676-7777.

Perfect Pass
Star Gazer Wake Edition
$1,195, 902-468-2150

This aftermarket system is compatible with most inboard sterndrive boats and select Yamaha jet boats. From 9 mph to 36 mph, Perfect Pass uses GPS and engine rpm data for utmost accuracy. Each system comes complete to fit your boat and engine and includes a full-size in-dash display gauge that fits a standard gauge hole. Gauges come in various styles to match an existing array.


Murphy Gauge
Standard on X-Series models, 423-884-2221

This full-features system provides speed and wake control, as well as engine data, audio control, ballast control and more. The standard 4.3-inch color LCD screen mounts in front of the throttle for access without having to let go of the wheel. The optional 7.3-inch screen upgrade offers touch-screen capability. You can also add Navionics charting capability.

Standard on all models, 800-320-2779


Standard on Supra boats, it allows touch-screen and button control of features including Zero Off speed control, wake shape and the 10-speaker audio system. Watch videos from the DVD player, USB or mobile devices. There’s a built-in basic GPS plotter. It has a full range of driver presets including seat height, screen backgrounds, seat heat and more. Operate lights, stowage and ballast.

Zero Off
GPS Speed Control
$1,290, 918-317-2401

The American Water Ski Association has certified it for tournament use. Utilizing the input from satellites and also from the engine management system, Zero Off is based completely on the boat’s speed across the surface of the water; therefore, there is no requirement for skier weight, crew weight or any kind of wind adjustment. Simply set the desired speed and go.