Xantrex Xplore Battery Charger

Charge multiple batteries at the same time.

Xantrex Xplore battery charger
Keep your batteries in optimal condition with the Xplore charger. Courtesy Xantrex

The new Xplore battery charger from Xantrex is the first system that can simultaneously charge all types of marine lead-acid batteries—including flooded cell, AGM and gel—and lithium iron-phosphate batteries. The Xplore can handle up to six battery banks at the same time.

The charger is rated for 120-volt AC input and 12-volt DC output, with output amps selectable between 5 and 40. It’s equipped with an easy-to-read LED screen to guide configuration and provide battery-charging status. Built-in NMEA 2000 connectivity lets you network the charger with an MFD for configuration and monitoring. You also can use the Xantrex mobile app with the Xantrex BLE module to configure and monitor the charger.

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Xplore features a storage mode that automatically refreshes the batteries after a few days of nonuse for optimal battery condition. It has reverse-polarity protection, DC over-voltage protection, battery overcharge protection and temperature protection. The 13-pound unit measures 16.26 inches tall by 12.34 inches wide by 6.5 inches deep. $1,594; emarineinc.com

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