Go-Fast Blast From The Past: Spectre 36

Race-winning Spectre 36 started as an open-cockpit pleasure boat.

Superboat International

The Spectre 36 catamaran that raced for the past two seasons as 2nd Amendment is one of the winning-est hulls in offshore racing. The Spectre 36 first made its debut in 1999 as an open-cockpit pleasure boat. Powered by twin Mercury Racing HP500s, the boat was faster than a Spectre 32, which made the boat intriguing as a Factory 2 class boat. Jay Pilini, who is now the president at Pilini Marine Technologies, was at the helm of Spectre at the time, and he built a race deck version with partial canopies. The boat was originally campaigned as Zipp Express, and, more recently, it was brought back into action as 2nd Amendment. Interestingly, while most enthusiasts would expect that more is always better, the Spectre 36 ran best with Bravo drives and compatible engines. Pilini said that big power and Number Six drives made the boat "a whole different animal."