GoFree Wireless Map and Mapping Service Store

Latest Navico firmware update opens up new GoFree store.
GoFree Store

With Navico’s latest firmware update on Simrad NSS evo2, NSO evo2 and Lowrance HDS displays, you can connect directly from your multi­function display (MFD) to the new GoFree store and buy charts from Navico, Navionics or Jeppesen C-Map for wherever you want to go.

Today BB-size Wi-Fi modules let us talk to the world, not just to nearby Wi-Fi-equipped smartphones or tablets. With the just-released GoFree app firmware for your Simrad NSS evo2 or NSO evo2 or Lowrance HDS display, you can also use this technology to …

Cut the cord to brick and mortar. Bypass the annoying digital card you had to go to town to buy, or order and ship. You can do it as you leave port instead of sweating it out with a laptop and transferring the data on a card.


Upgrade firmware automatically. Power up your MFD and it will automatically poll GoFree for firmware updates, download them and activate them on your MFD network.

Make your own charts. Now you can do it wirelessly. In the old system, with Navionics and Navico’s Insight Genesis, you had to load a data card into your MFD, set it to record sonar readings with integrated GPS position data and then plug the card into your Mac or PC, log in to your mapmaker’s cloud server, upload the data and wait for it. Then you could download a new contour map to a data card and plug it into your MFD. Now, though, your MFD connects directly to the GoFree server when in Wi-Fi range, uploads the sonar map and grabs it when it’s ready to go on your next trip.

GoFree is going to be pretty darn popular, and it gives boaters the most compelling reason ever to upgrade their electronics.


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