How to Keep a Dock Hose Untangled

Use our tips to keep the kinks out.

Ah, the tangled dock hose. Try bringing it aboard, and you end up undoing kink after kink before the H20 can flow. Trying to put such a hose away is equally challenging. Proper coiling baffles some — often to the chagrin of other boaters who share the hose. Here’s a reliable method for a neatly coiled dock hose.

1. Walk the hose out to full length and lay it on the dock, untwisting and unkinking the worst of the hockles as you go.

2. Remove the hose nozzle, and walk back to the hose hanger. With the nozzle removed, the hose can spin out the twists as it's retrieved and coiled.

3. Begin coiling the hose in big loops — at least a two-foot diameter — in your hand, not on the hose hanger. Place groups of loops on the hanger if they get too heavy.

4. Use big loops and help the hose lie naturally by flipping over recalcitrant loops as they come to hand, and subsequent uses of the hose shouldn't require this procedure.