Boating Fail: Launch Ramp Lessons

Boating lessons begin before you hit the water.

July 9, 2014

My father taught me to boat at a young age. Learning the intricacies of boating from a retired naval commander proved to be a very informative, and rewarding, experience. It also meant that lessons began long before the boat hit the water. Which is probably why one of my earliest boating memories doesn’t take place on a river or lake, but at the launch ramp.

I can still hear the familiar ratcheting sound of the parking brake being applied as he checked and re-checked that the truck was in park. The first lesson was that if your tow rig ends up in the water, it won’t matter if the plug is in. Remember, boating safety starts before you’re afloat, and forgetting to do something as simple setting the parking brake at the launch ramp can end with a video of you on YouTube, or worse.


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