ESD Strikes Again

Take steps to help prevent Electric Shock Drowning tragedies.

In the wake of the death by Electric Shock Drowning (ESD) of Sarah Grace Tellifero in Louisiana last month, we’d like to remind boaters, fisherman and anyone who spends time near the water where a source of electric current may be present that the risk of death by ESD is very real.

In particular, boaters have a responsibility to make sure their vessel, and their shore power installation, is maintained properly. This is imperative for the safety of all. For detailed information about ESD, boat and dockside electrical maintenance and testing procedures, and the regulations of the American Boat and Yacht Council (ABYC) and United States Coast Guard as they apply to ESD, please read this article by Mike Telleria published in Boating.

Electric Shock Drowning Prevention
How to prevent the tragic mix of dockside swimming and electricity.


For more information about Boating Safety, click here.

Takeaway: The amount of electrical current required to initiate Electric Shock Drowning can be so small it is measured in milliamps. ANY current leak from your boat or shore is potentially deadly.


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