How to Eliminate Fishing Line Twists

Three tips to help minimize the effects of line twist.

If you fight tuna, tarpon or any big fish on spinning reels, you’ll inevitably have to deal with monofilament line twist. There are tricks you can use, however, to minimize the effects of line twist and rid yourself of those frustrating loops, coils and knots.

Fight Right
Turning the handle while a fish pulls line throws twist into the line — and the longer the fight goes on, the worse it gets. If you hear the drag, stop reeling.

Let It Spin
When casting, pause at the end of each retrieve and let the lure hang. This allows twist created by the lure action to unwind itself before it gets too bad.

Take Time to Unwind
Letting line out behind the boat (essentially trolling with no lure or bait) will clear severe twists. At first, water pressure will keep the line tight as you wind in. Near the end, keep the line tight with your fingers.