How to Use Fishing Kites

Don’t overlook the sky hook for landing more than just sailfish or kingfish.

November 28, 2013

Fishing kites hold baits splashing on the surface where they attract fish, keep hooks and hardware above the water and out of sight, and position baits far apart to fish more water. All three advantages help catch more of just about any fish in any water. Here are some ways to use fishing kites.

1. Live Chum
From Nova Scotia bluefin tuna to Florida wahoo, fish take curious swipes at kite baits before eating a bait presented conventionally.

2. Overworked Weeds
Wary dolphin in Florida on weed lines and feisty yellowtail around Pacific kelp paddies eat kite baits when traditional methods no longer entice bites.


3. Widened Spread
Anchored, kite baits hang far from the boat and don’t restrict fishing up close. Drifting, kite baits hang downwind — on the opposite side from baits fished from the boat.

4. Skinny Water
Striped bass, redfish and bonefish eat kite baits dangled in water too shallow for offshore boats, or even flats boats.


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