Mako Sight Fishing Tips

Sight fishing for monster makos.

West Coast anglers have perfected “sight fishing” techniques for giant mako sharks, one of the fastest, meanest game fish you can tangle with. Monsters up to 1,000 pounds are brought right to the back of the boat, where they will eat hooked baits in full view. Some salty East Coast anglers have proved this tactic there as well. Here are three keys to success.

Chum: Lots
California giant mako specialists like Capt. Steve Quinlan recommend roughly 400 pounds of whole tuna or carcasses for a typical day of targeting monster makos.

Waiting Game
With lines in the water, mackerel, seals, blue sharks, bluefish and other species in the chum slick are a nuisance. So wait for a mako to show before wetting a line.

Varied Arsenal
Sight fishing lets you select the best-matched outfit for the sizes of fish that come to the boat. Be prepared with a range of outfits from light standup to unlimited.