No-Tangle Leader Tube

Here’s a clever way to keep leaders tangle-free.

Anglers who tangle with troublesome, toothy game fish — such as Northern pike, barracuda and wahoo — use short traces of wire to defeat their foes’ defenses. Here’s a clever way to keep leaders tangle-free and ready to go at a moment’s notice, courtesy of tackle manufacturer and inveterate innovator Dennis Braid.

Step 1: Cut a suitable length of three-quarter-inch PVC pipe; we used a 12-inch section to accommodate 10-inch-long traces of single-strand wire.

Step 2: Fashion a short collar from larger-diameter pipe, and glue in place over the end of the leader tube with PVC cement.

Step 3: Insert an interior sleeve of plastic tubing to corral the hooks so that they don't slide down into the tube.

Step 4: Add a slip-on cap over each end — you'll need a larger cap at the hook end to accommodate your collar. Use a marker to indicate hook size. You're set to go.