On Board With: Randy Cabrera

Florida Ski Riders, Founder/CEO
Randy Cabrera riding a PWC
Randy Cabrera brings PWC enthusiasts together. Courtesy Florida Ski Riders

Randy Cabrera’s family loves the PWC life, so back in 2016 he launched Florida Ski Riders as a way to bring other like-minded enthusiasts together. Today, the group’s Facebook page boasts over 13,000 members and regular gatherings number in the hundreds.

How did Florida Ski Riders start?

Around 2016 my wife and I went boat shopping, but ended up getting a couple of bigger PWCs that we could enjoy with our family. Shortly afterward, the entrepreneur in me realized there wasn’t really a centralized group or brand that was connecting PWC owners in any significant way, so that’s where Florida Ski Riders came from.

What does a Florida Ski Riders event look like?

We create both small- and large-scale rides. One of our last events in Dunedin, we had 509 skis in the water. That was a spectacle, but well organized—we have lead boats that lead the way on the water, as well as 14 to 15 lead skis. On top of that we have support skis throughout the middle and rear to help along the way. Just like a motorcycle rally, we head out to different areas and have fun together. We try to avoid heavily populated areas. Once you’ve been part of something like that, it’s unforgettable. People absolutely love it. We’ve even had some athletes and celebrities like Tampa Bay Buccaneers players, DJ Khaled and others join in.

What does the PWC lifestyle look like for you and your family?

A lot of our time together revolves around personal watercraft and being on the water. My wife and I have six children, and we absolutely love it. We can explore, adventure, swim, go tubing—it’s a great way for us all to spend time together.