One Man's Checklist

Chuck Thompson is the go-to guy for Bayliner and Maxum. More to the point, he's the "go there" guy. He tows boats for company events from coast to coast. Check out his personal towing tip list.

Trust your tracking: Stop watching the boat in your mirrors so often on the highway. Your boat will go exactly where your vehicle goes.

Pull it over in 15: Pull off the road and feel the wheel bearings and hubs 15 minutes into your trip to make sure they're not warming up.

Don't tow in overdrive: Even from the house to the ramp, towing in overdrive is bad for the vehicle and could void your auto warranty.

Batten down your hatches: Double check latches on boat hatches to make sure they're holding correctly. On a runabout, make sure the center windshield is closed and locked in place.

Check your wheel grease: Make sure the bearings are greased, especially if you've been in and out of the water several times. A little condensation is bound to find its way in, and your bearings could rust and seize up on you.

Sit out that storm: "If the weather has your knuckles getting white on the steering wheel, pull over to the side of the road," says Thompson, "The life you save may be mine."