Spin Doctor

The Super Caster

$99 to $169 • www.usreel.com The idea was to design a spinner that could handle a wide variety of lines. The result? The SuperCaster, offering 2-to-16-pound test and 6-to-30-pound test models. I'm not sure why you'd want a reel with such a huge range (which makes it harder to rationalize buying more fishing tackle), but the SuperCaster does come with an extra spool, so you can have two line weights ready at all times. To fit the wide range, these reels have huge spools. They look oversize, but an afternoon of casting jigs to rip-rap didn't unveil any problems. The drag, anti-reverse, and bail all get a thumbs-up. I wonder about the longevity of the XL model's resin parts-only time will tell-but the SX model has an aluminum body.