Surf Fishing for Stripers

The roar of the surf couples with hoots of “Fish on!”

I’d rather be plugging the bar for stripers. The roar of the surf couples with hoots of “Fish on!” as, after several boils on a surface plug, a feeding striped bass feels the hard, cold bite of steel. I love the heart-thumping chase-and-take of stripers on popping plugs in the whitewater. Plus, I don’t need a boatload of tackle or a lot of time, since the action occurs right along the beach. In fact, I often head out before work. One morning, I got my fish, but it spit up a live squid that promptly inked me. Fortunately, the attendees at my 9 a.m. meeting were gracious about my purple shirt and chum-slick cologne.

{Favorite Rig}
A 2-ounce Gaines Troublemaker affixed to a big duolock snap so that the plug really dances.

{Favorite Place}
The West Bar at Shinnecock Inlet — breaking water, froth and foam is the striper's domain.

{Sharpie's Tip}
Time your casts to drop the lure on the back of a breaking wave. That's when stripers move in for a free meal uprooted by the tumult.