Tips for Using Swimbaits

How to work those swimbaits.

Swimbaits, soft plastic lures that mimic the size and swimming action of baitfish, can be deadly for a variety of predators, from inshore sea bass and yellowtail to offshore mahimahi and tuna. While natural baitfish patterns perform well, don’t be afraid to experiment. Black or black/purple works great in low light, while bright colors work well in full sunlight. Try these tips to up your score.

The key is to select a swimbait and lead-head jig combination that matches the size, shape and color of local forage.

You can cast and retrieve a swimbait, ripping the lure across the surface to entice breaking fish into striking.

Swimbaits also catch game fish by allowing the lure to sink down to any level to reach deeper swimming targets.

Dragging a swimbait or two way back in your trolling spread is a great way to get bit, especially when fish are finicky or focusing on eating small bait.

Rig a spreader bar, umbrella rig or Alabama rig with swimbaits and you can replicate a school of fish.