The ICOM IC-M24 Handheld VHF radio



The ICOM IC-M24 Handheld VHF radio is both a convenience and a valuable safety tool to have on board.

For convenience it is the smallest and lightest handheld in the market place. That makes it easy to take along and convenient to keep on a belt or in a pocket. Staying in touch with ship to shore communications has never been easier.

At 5 Watts output, it reaches maximum allowable range, giving boaters a powerful connection to help in a pinch.

Should the VHF radio fall in the water, it floats. Moreover, when dunked, a red LED light begins flashing making it even easier to recover in the dark.

A feature ICOM calls Aqua Quake sends a low frequency vibration through the waterproof speaker clearing it of any water. That gets the radio up and running almost instantly after a dousing.

All NOAA weather radio broadcasts are available on the IC 24 at the touch of a button.

Want to skip a variety of channels and only moniter your favorite two or three? That’s made easy with the IC 24 by allowing you to select a series of favorite channels to scan at the touch of one button.

The IC 24 comes with a 110 volt charger for its Lithium Ion battery. A 12-volt charger is also optionally available.