Ilmor Marine’s Powerful New MV-8 7.4L OPS

Ilmor Marine's MV-8 7.4L OPS mixes performance with pain-free maintenance.

Ilmor Marine MV-8 7.4L OPS
Ilmor Marine MV-8 7.4L OPSIlmor Marine

With output rated at 483 hp, Ilmor Marine's new MV-8 7.4L OPS is positioned to fill the void between 430 hp and 520 hp performance-boat engines. It is designed to work with the engine manufacturer's smooth-shifting One Drive, and it features closed cooling and an electric throttle exhaust catalyst system and is compliant with Environmental Protection Agency and California Air Resources Board emissions standards. It comes with a five-year/500-hour limited warranty.

Other highlights of the motor include easily accessed service points such as an oil-filter courtesy tray, a performance-tuned aluminum intake, a close-fitting heat exchanger with integrated overfill tank, and a 75-hour oil service interval.