Installing a Marine Media System

Find out what gear is being used for our marine media system installation.

Marine stereos no longer simply play music. They connect to your boat's onboard network, and deliver audio and video content from a variety of sources including Bluetooth, video, cameras, marine electronics and more. Naturally, audio quality is better than ever...and durability in the marine environment and ease of use are at an all-time high. Stereo? These are complete marine media systems. To show what goes into installing such a system, we selected components from Clarion Marine (provided to us for free; but with no other promised pay) to install aboard a Regulator Marine project boat.

In this first episode, we'll unbox the major components required for the installation of this marine stereo DIY project. (We'll reveal items such as tools, wiring, connectors and consumables in the individual posts). What is described includes:

Major Components: Clarion CMS4 "Black Box" and 3.5-inch Bluetooth, 4-zone display; Clarion XC2510 5-Channel Digital Power Amp; Clarion MW6 NMEA 2000 Interface Module; Clarion CM2513WL 800W, 10-inch, subwoofer; Clarion CM1 623RL 200W speakers (4).